SIECOM, LLC is a DBE/MBE/Small Business certified firm providing cost-effective services in civil and environmental engineering, permitting, construction, and project management with a complete focus on client and project success. SIECOM collaborates with clients to develop comprehensive services and provide technical solutions that deliver capital-efficient engineering, procurement, and construction management projects.

SIECOM is a professional services firm which supports land development, facilities design, roadway, utility, and municipal infrastructure projects from the conceptual planning phase to construction and project completion, and even beyond for sustainable downstream project success.

At SIECOM, we are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future in which our society can maintain and improve the quality of life consistently, without degrading the quantity, quality, and the availability of natural, economic, and social resources. We will apply our expertise, diversity of thinking, intellectual independence to create a safe, sustainable, and resilient future for all.

We build safe, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions by leveraging technological innovation and critical thinking to arrive at not only an acceptable solution, but rather the optimal solution to our clients’ needs resulting in the best solution to serve our communities.

Core Values – We focus on achieving sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources in our project work and within our own facilities. The following core values define what we believe and how we act in pursuit of our vision:

Client Focused
We collaborate with clients and partners to act on opportunities and create outcomes that achieve project goals in a win-win environment.

We embrace creative ideas and new technologies to develop sustainable solutions that address the evolving challenges of infrastructure and urbanization.

Environmental Stewardship
We promote responsible environmental stewardship that considers economic security and social betterment.

We conduct business with honesty and transparency, maintaining the trust of clients, partners, and the community.

We encourage teamwork and open communication among employees, clients, and stakeholders to foster a productive work environment.

We accept responsibility for our actions and outcomes, learn from our mistakes, and consistently improve processes and performance.

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