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Why Us?

We are a young startup company working on unique solutions using open-source hardware and software.

Skryptorz started as a dream to start our entrepreneurial journey in the early 2000's. We are still on a quest to find our niche and a place in the great annals of business history. We have undertaken various projects and found decent amount of success in the journey so far. We wish to continue this dream and vision to achieve success time and again.

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Grow Your Business

Quickly increase your web presence, communications, technology using our tailor-made solutions to increase your revenues multi-fold.

Modern Products

We create our products using modern technologies like Raspberry Pi, Openstack, Asterisk and many others.

Ultra-Fast Response

We put our customers first and promise you a helpful, friendly and technically sound response with a quick turn-around time with a minimal loss of revenue to you.

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47% Android
60 iOS

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