Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Using Blockchain

Real Bit$ is a novel platform being designed to attract investors to invest in real estate using Crowdfunding. It is very similar to a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) but it uses Blockchain as the underlying platform for increased security, transparency, faster processing and trust between various stakeholders.

Yet Another Platform

You  might be thinking why there is a need for another Platform with the market already flooded with numerous Apps and Websites offering Real Estate investments. Also there are many Crowdfunding platforms already available like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.

Millenials Don’t Invest In Real Estate

According to a recent survey, millenials don’t invest in Real Estate. They are more likely to invest in Crowdfunding campaigns where they think there is a social cause and also something of value in return.

Baby Boomers Invest In Real Estate Deals

Most of the baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y have one or other form of investment in some kind of Real Estate. But the future generation of Millenials need to learn from the collective knowledge of the earlier generations and start investing in Real Estate. It’s time for the next generation to take the baton of the economic activity from the older generations and take it upon themselves as a future financial responsibility.

What’s Happening Around Us?

If you look at the recent news, a number of houses have been inundated with floods in Texas. A number of houses have been razed to the ground due to forest fires in California. A lot of people in Puerto Rico have lost their homes and have been left without Electricity and other essential utilities for a number of days.

Market Opportunity

This is a great time to turn disaster into a perfect opportunity by investing in re-building those communities devastated by natural calamities. We don’t just want to rebuild but we want to build energy-efficient, sustainable, near net zero, carbon neutral homes in these areas so that in the next few decades we can become self-reliant and more resilient apart from being more environmentally friendly.

Current Development Stage

The Real Bit$ platform prototype is similar to the one below where you will have individual campaigns. Each campaign is similar to any other Crowdfunding campaign except that the investment goes into ownership of a real estate property on offer.

We propose to offer energy-efficient housing, commercial real estate for Crowdfunding. For more details, keep checking back this page!!


We have written an initial draft of Real Bit$ Technical Whitepaper which you can read here: Real-Bit$-Whitepaper

Explainer Video

We have also created a simple Explainer Video as an introduction for Real Bit$ platform.

Prototype Preview

The next part is a preview of the prototype of our Real Bit$ platform which will be running using Blockchain as the back-end technology.

Energy Star Apartment

This Energy Star Apartment is a dream come true for the Urban-dweller. This Apartment has been designed with Energy star rated appliances and eco-friendly materials. Invest Now!! Going soon!!

Carbon Neutral Home

This Carbon-neutral home is the Dream house of many wannabe Green activists. This complies to the Internationally acclaimed Passive House standard and is almost carbon-neutral with amazing features. Invest in this house now!! Going soon!!

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